Stem cell-cord cell for life

EXXo Gold (Hair restoration serum)

Exxo Gold is a stem cell-based product that has 2 proprietary proteins added that are specific to hair restoration.

This product naturally contains collage type 1 & 3, hyaluronic acid and elastin.

The MSC’s used to create this product come from a master cell line that has been tested for sterility as well as genetic abnormalities before being used to create the product which makes Exxo Gold the safest exosome based product on the market.

The MSC’s used are cultured in a medium that not only makes the cells excrete collagen, HA and elastin but the exosomes released will signal to your bodies own cells to produce those same factors.

When compared to the most popular exosome competitor Exxo Gold contains 13 times as much protein which is used to measure the total growth factor components of the product.

AnteAge - Clinical Research – AnteAGE

The AnteAGE MDX® Exosome Solution is a first of it’s kind, state of the art, hybrid exosome solution containing exosomes derived from human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells as well as human umbilical cord derived stem cells. This hybrid approach offers a whole new level of stability and efficacy.

We source our stem cells from the bone marrow of young, healthy, pre-screened adult donors. The cells are cultured in a laboratory, within a controlled environment that fosters production of the biosignals that will engage in skin repair and rejuvenation. We then harvest and extract the powerful growth factors and cytokines inside, discarding the cell itself. Our products are 100% free of inflammatory cells, cell fragments, RNA, or DNA.Each batch of exosomes we culture and produce goes through a specific, thorough testing and quality control process that ensures safety, efficacy, and alignment with all product specifications we advertise. Once the total particle count for the batch has been determined, the batch is then divided evenly by 14 billion– meaning that we fill each vial with 14 billion exosomes until the entire batch has been distributed. It is important to note that the vials are filled with 14 billion (despite our advertised 10 billion) to account for the loss marginal loss of exosome viability that occurs through the lyophilization process and over the entire shelf life of the product– meaning that each vial still contains 10 billion viable exosomes on the final day of its shelf life.Once a new batch has been cultured, that batch is tested using a technology called nanoparticle tracking analysis. This process allows us to determine the total exosome count for the entire batch of media. (Particle Concentration/mL x Volume)

The result of our years of expertise and research is AnteAGE®—an anti-aging skincare system that is highly effective and rooted in science.


Making use of the latest in innovative medicine, JuveXO is a topical serum created to help you rewind the clock and reverse the effects of aging. Rich in hyaluronic acid, or HA, collagen type I and II, elastin, and other powerful proteins, JuveXO is an excellent non-invasive and non-surgical method of revitalizing the body’s largest organ, your skin, from head to toe.e of the major benefits of this cutting-edge new serum is that it is applied topically, making JuveXO a non-injectable, non-invasive, and non-surgical alternative.

One of the major benefits of this cutting-edge new serum is that it is applied topically, making JuveXO a non-injectable, non-invasive, and non-surgical alternative to cosmetic enhancements. Treatment with JuveXO also requires no downtime.

With our patent-pending technology, JuveXO encompasses over 100 BILLION tiny messengers in each vial, delivering groundbreaking cellular science to youth-enthusiasts.

JuveXO is ethically sourced, organic, and easily applicable for topical cosmetic use. While not approved as a drug, or to treat any disease or diagnosis, JuveXO is available through licensed medical practitioners for a variety of cosmetic treatments.