Blood Panels

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Basic Panel
Weight Loss Complete Panel
New and Follow-up WL Panel

Men’s Wellness Blood Panels

New Male Hormone
New Male Basic Hormone
Male Pre Panel
Male Post Panel
Men Hormone Basic Panel
Men Hormone Check Complete
Follow-Up Male
Male HRT Panel

Food and Environmental

foodANALYZER IgG Food SensitivityallergE+ IgG Food + Environment allergy

Women’s Wellness Blood Panels

New Female Hormone
Female Pre Panel
Female Post Panel
Follow-Up Female
Women’s Hormone Basic Panel
Women’s Hormone Check Complete
Female HRT Panel


New and Follow-up Thyroid
Thyroid Initial
Thyroid Follow-up
Thyroid Post Panel

Wellness Blood

General Wellness Panel
Elite Panel
New and Follow-up HGH
Peptide Panel
Fatigue Panel
Basic Heart Health